WHI Recordings 2020 roundup


Secret Nuclear

“12 miles” was released in June, including a fabulous remix by Matt Irwin of Baltic Furs:

Get the "12 Miles" EP on Bandcamp

TX Vol. 1 & 2: 2 EP’s of material performed using a Max/MSP patch known as “the device”:

Get the "TX" EP on Bandcamp

Get the "TX Vol.2" EP on Bandcamp


“Midnight glacier” by tspear followed in October. 3 tracks written using the fabulous Superberry synth by Fors (Fors.fm). A collaboration with photographer Nick Meek:

Get the "Moonlight Glacier" EP on Bandcamp


WHI released the EP and debut album from alt-country weirdos CHINESEBURN on Bandcamp:

Get the "Burning Sensations" album on Bandcamp


I took part in 3 instalments of THE DARK OUTSIDE - 24 hour livestreams of previously unheard material. These were the catalyst for the TX releases.

The track “Surrey Administration Facility” was included on Gated Canal Community’s epic 5 album compilation “Isolation and Rejection”

Get "Surrey Administration Facility" on Bandcamp

In November the Kites & Pylons weird weekend took place. My track “TX 11” was a 20 minute version of the TX device.

Radio play and sessions:

In July I did my first guest mix for urban mutant:

Listen to the WHI DJ Session on Urban Mutant

Throughout the year, WHI has been featured on several online radio stations and Mixcloud shows, big thanks to the following:

Lee and Kites & Pylons

Kate and Dark Train

Bleek and Urban Mutant

Darren and Space Folk Horror Lounge

Simon and Anticipating Nowhere

Kevin at Phantom Circuit

Letters from mouse and The Magic Window

Neil Lo-Five and Melodic Distraction

Justin and the crew at Gated Canal Community

Next year

Thanks and take care!

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